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Lance fans

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[02 Aug 2006|10:09pm]

so i'm not sure if everyone heard. but on july 26th lance told People he was gay. i still think he's beautiful :)
i'm just glad he's happy and can be himself without feeling the pressure of the public eye.
GO LANCE! we still love you!
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[18 Nov 2005|10:25pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
+A rating community as well as a community for celebrities!
+Cool Mod
+Scavenger Hunts, Themes, Contests, and Polls!
+Fair voting system
+10 AUTO ACCEPTS!!!! Just read Info page!
(You can delete but don't spam because its not in your rules!!!)
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[23 Dec 2004|03:37pm]


hi, my name is marj, i just created a community dedicated to music from the late 90s, you can find us at http://www.livejournal.com/community/i_luv_90s_music/

the first 10 people to join get in automatically (please fill out an application anyways so we get to know you)


<33 marj

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[13 Sep 2004|09:08pm]

Love Nsync? Love Lance Bass? Love role-playing? Love Slash and Slash fan-fiction? How about joining after_celebrity as your favorite member of Nsync.
Just drop a comment here, email me at: after_celebrity_rpg@yahoo.com or comment me at: ac_maintainer.

other roles wanted: Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Aaron Carter, Wade Robson, Pharrell Williams, Nick Chastain, and many, many more...
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[04 May 2004|06:48pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday Lance

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newbie [04 Nov 2003|03:39pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Hey *waves* new here...
I've added some Lance pics in my journal, which you've probably already seen. But anyway... just go here

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I hope you don't mind.... [12 Sep 2003|10:59pm]

but I was hoping I could take the time to let you guys know about another community that supports Lance. It called the Lance Bass Support Team (lb_st). The LB-ST is a yahoo-based group and we have recently decided to branch out into LJ.

Please feel free to take a look around and join.
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Picture? [24 Aug 2003|02:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have the pictures of Lance in a bathtub?

I think there are two shots from the shoot, but it's a few years old. He's leaning on his arms over the edge of an old-fashioned tub.

Here's an icon of the picture I'm looking for, if you need a visual (FYI: this icon is not up for grabs): title or description

Any help would be great, thanks!

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a challenge [08 Jul 2003|08:21pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Okay this challenge has been around for a while, and it is due pretty soon, but there are still plenty of songs left and yes.

this challenge is run by myself and the amazingly talented and equally beautiful musicdiamond.

Instruction on how to sign up can be found on the challenge page, any further enquires will be answered in email form and our email addresses can also be found on the challenge page.

cross posted to a few different communities, sorry if you see this more than once.

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Question! [05 May 2003|11:43pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Does anyone know where I can find the Freddy Hernandez pics?

I'm looking for the few pictures of Lance and Laura. Thanks!

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[04 May 2003|11:29am]

[ mood | giddy ]

Happy Birthday to Lance!

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Lance Month icons :) [28 Apr 2003|11:17pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm one of several people who have done this or are doing this, but with Lance Month coming up I made some icons.

The first batch can be found here ---> *click*

And the second batch can be found here ---> *click*

Icons will be taken done as they are claimed, so no sharing please. I may make some more later, but enjoy these ones for now!

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Lance Icons [29 Apr 2003|12:19am]

[ mood | pleased ]

I made a few of them. You can find them here.


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[21 Apr 2003|12:28am]

Lance is going to be on The Pet Psychic on Animal Planet Monday, April 21 at 8pm eastern/7pm Central time. It repeats at 11pm/10pm and 2am/1am.
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Attention Lance Girls ........ [18 Mar 2003|08:27pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

Take the following Icon if you're a Lance Girl:

I hereby declare because yeah, everyone listens to me lol Friday Lance Day. The day to LOOOVE on Lance. Use your icon. You can link people here to take the icon and hear about it. I'm gonna make another icon that says Lance Fan for the guys too. because y'all don't wanna be sporting Lance Girls icons i'm sure lol

I'm feelin a need for some hardcore Lance Love. So Fridays, I'll post some pics and fics and everyone else out there do the same. If you don't like to write? Rec a story you like in your journal. Can't link pics directly? Post a link to hot pics. Anything and everything Lance.

(i'm curious to see if anyone does this with me, lmao, or if i'll be standing alone with my i heart lance sign)

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OT: music survey help [10 Mar 2003|01:30pm]

Sorry for the OT, but I just got slammed with an 8-12 page paper for English class and I need to do a survey as one of my sources. This is totally voluntary, but the more people who reply to this survey, the more help it will be to me in the long run and it won't take very long to fill out. Please comment back here or email me at cali_gal_4life@yahoo.com with your answers. You may take the option of posting anonymously if you wish.

surveyCollapse )
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???? [24 Feb 2003|11:51pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I know this is dumb but it's one of those things that I just need to know.

Does anyone know what Lance's tattoos are of? I'm pretty sure I heard him say he has Japanese/Chinese characters tattoo'd somewhere... does anyone know what they say?

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[31 Jan 2003|12:05pm]

[ mood | confused ]

how come everytime someone mentions Dallas Mavericks player Dirk Nowitski I think about Dirk the Ferret?

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Lance Bass [09 Jan 2003|05:50pm]

...is hot...one .....sexy....piece....of MEAT.....someone I would put on my bed, with....whip cream.....strawberries, bananas..........ice....some wine..and eat him up....
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I'm New ! [09 Jan 2003|01:27am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey?! Just thought i'd say hi cause i'm new here and new to this whole livejournal thing.. so yeah. Well "Hi".. lol!

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