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Attention Lance Girls ........

Take the following Icon if you're a Lance Girl:

I hereby declare because yeah, everyone listens to me lol Friday Lance Day. The day to LOOOVE on Lance. Use your icon. You can link people here to take the icon and hear about it. I'm gonna make another icon that says Lance Fan for the guys too. because y'all don't wanna be sporting Lance Girls icons i'm sure lol

I'm feelin a need for some hardcore Lance Love. So Fridays, I'll post some pics and fics and everyone else out there do the same. If you don't like to write? Rec a story you like in your journal. Can't link pics directly? Post a link to hot pics. Anything and everything Lance.

(i'm curious to see if anyone does this with me, lmao, or if i'll be standing alone with my i heart lance sign)
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