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OT: music survey help

Sorry for the OT, but I just got slammed with an 8-12 page paper for English class and I need to do a survey as one of my sources. This is totally voluntary, but the more people who reply to this survey, the more help it will be to me in the long run and it won't take very long to fill out. Please comment back here or email me at cali_gal_4life@yahoo.com with your answers. You may take the option of posting anonymously if you wish.

Topic of Survey: Violence in Music and lyrics

1. When you hear the words "violent lyrics", what artists or types of music do you automatically think of? Please be sure to include a few songs if you can think of any.

2. Do you feel that the artists should not sing/write songs that have a lot of violence in them if they know young children will be one of the main listeners?

3. How do you feel about children having easy access to violent music?

4. Do you feel this is a raising problem in the USA? In the world?

5. Do you feel that there is a connection between youth crimes (such as school shootings) and the music they listen to?

6. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) how much of an influence do YOU think music violence has on today's society?

7. What age group do you fall into?
--- Younger than 14
--- 15-18
--- 19-22
--- 23-26
--- 27-30
--- Older than 30
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